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Zoffany Paints – Now Available for Home Delivery

The new Zoffany ‘Alchemey of Colour‘ paint collection is now available for Home Delivery!

This collection comprises of 156 exquisite colours which reflect the exceptional coverage, outstanding dept of colour and an effortlessly sophisticated palette which is the hallmark of Zoffany paints. 

Immerse yourself in the Alchemy of Colour, fine-tuned to perfection and beautifully curated to complement and enhance Zoffany fabrics and wallpaper collections. To see all the available colours click HERE.

These paints come in 3 different finishes; Elite Emulsion, Eggshell and Acrylic Eggshell. For more information on these finishes please click HERE.

Zoffany water-based paints are vegan and environmentally friendly. 

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