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Macchine Volanti
Floating on a new version of Nuvole, these wondrous ying machines hang amongst the clouds evoking the romantic New World of scientic exploration.
The three colourways are drawn in two shimmering versions of silver and bronze on pale blue and midnight skies and a third more playful colouring of red and yellow on a neutral sky.
This design has been devised so that it directly coordinates with both Nuvolette and Balaustra and is a total of 137cm wide, thereby being sold as a set comprising two wide width rolls of 68.5cm each.

Balaustra creates a striking trompeloeil effect of a marble or stone balustrade sitting against a backdrop of Nuvolette.
Designed to be hung horizontally along the bottom of a wall, this is the first of Cole Sons friezes and is an exciting and novel approach to using wallpaper.
Conceived as a direct coordinate with both Nuvolette and Macchine Volanti, in neutral, pale blue and midnight, this design offers intriguing opportunities for interior decoration. Balaustra is 68.5cm high and sold on a 10 metre roll.


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