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Home Truths

You can’t beat experience.

Like a traditional family tartan, the multiple threads of Rosaleen and Brian’s lives are woven into the history of retail in Dun Laoghaire. It’s a story of them building another home – Ireland’s Home of Furnishings – one that speaks of their family’s unrivalled experience in design. After 25 years, Brian S Nolan is still the place to frame the perfect look for your home.

It’s good to talk.

At Brian S Nolan we love to talk, because it is only through having a good old chinwag that we can get a good idea of what you want to achieve. We are not a stuffy, exclusive, ‘one-style fits all’ store but a place for you be yourself (however dotty that may be), because when you are comfortable with who you are, that’s when you are the happiest of all.

You can’t fake craftsmanship.

Brian S Nolan believes in the specialised and traditional skills of the craftsman and artist. Our workrooms are a haven for years of knowledge, because we reckon the best fabrics and interiors deserve the most talented curtain makers. Every time you order some furnishings from Brian S Nolan you draw from this well of experience.

Loyalty breeds lasting trust.

For 25 years the people of Dun Laoghaire have trusted Brian S Nolan with something precious, their homes. We are honoured by this loyalty and feel it is our duty to reciprocate by providing the best possible range and service. But, for us, that’s easy – we love to serve.

You can’t fake elegance.

Fashion is transient but style is timeless. Having spent the last 25 years dressing Irish homes Brian S Nolan has seen fickle fashions come and go, and we understand that simplicity and elegance are the keys to lasting style. If you want to play with classic styles but still look fresh as a daisy, visit our showrooms at 102 Upper George’s Street.

We aim for gold in everything we do.

Like a child winning a goldfish at the local fete we, at Brian S Nolan, love receiving a prize. And we have won some gold throughout our 25 years in Dun Laoghaire. We have achieved this by constantly evolving – never standing still. In the fast changing world of interior design, its good to know that one store will always aim to produce a prize-winning look your home.

There’s nothing old-fashioned about the classics.

At Brian S Nolan there is a constant influx of new fabrics and the latest designs. But, with our decades of experience in furnishings, we know that yesterday’s vintage can be tomorrow’s fashion, so we love mixing the old with the new, and keeping traditional skills and classic styles alive. Whatever your personal style, or favourite furnishings period, Brian S Nolan has the answer.

Let your imagination take flight.

We all love to dream, but sometimes stop ourselves from flights of fancy because of rational concerns – time, expense, and practicalities. At Brian S Nolan we aim to kill these three birds in one store. We have the widest range of fabrics in one place and don’t just stock most expensive and exclusive collections, and once you have chosen your style, we do the rest – measure, make and fit. Share your dreams with us.

Our homes should be our personal wonderlands.

When Alice fell down the rabbit-hole she entered a new world of adventure and wonder. At Brian S Nolan we aim to create a feeling of wonder each time you visit our showrooms – somewhere you can play with new ideas and truly give in to your fantasies.

It’s good to try different styles – whoever you are!

We all present certain images of ourselves to the world, through the clothes we wear, and through the furnishings we have in our home. At Brian S Nolan we encourage you to experiment with new, and old, styles because one of the cornerstones of the our philosophy is ensuring that whatever style you choose is right for you.



Image credits: 1) Rosaleen & Brian Nolan, Founders. “Abernethy” tartan from The Isle Mill; 2) Malgorzata Bielak, Curtain Maker. “Love Story” by Jab Anstoetz; 3) Fionnuala Nolan, Manager and Interior Design Consultant. “Ikebana” silk by Nobilisl; 4) Mateusz Jurczak, Stores Assistant. “Revolution” by Andrew Martin; 5) Alison Barry, Interior Design Consultant. “Campani” by Zoffany; 6) Ken McDarby, Manager. “Rondo” by Sacho; 7) Olwyn Colgan, Interior Design Consultant. “Silhouettes” by Zimmer & Rohde; 8) Shaun O’Neill, Interior Design Consultant. “Heartbreak” by Nono; 9) Susie Herlihy, Interior Design Consultant. “Africa” by Osborne & Little; 10) Brian P Nolan, Managing Director. “Raffles” by Brian Yates.